Hello world!

I am a M.S. inorganic chemist with my degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1985. My degree is a virtual Ph.D. because I finished all research and my dissertation but I could not stand for my defense of thesis because my department ran out of fellowship funds and I could not continue unless I paid tuition. I was already maxed out for student loans, so I had to settle for an M.S. But, I have had all the courses required of this physical science specialization, including advanced mathematics,  and I even have a background in the physics of materials science.

My cousin, Allan Fries, was an astronomer. Together we talked science while he inspired me to volunteer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago as he did. He lectured there and gave “Sky Shows” using the Zeiss Optical Planetarium Projector. I helped out in the library. I gained an interest in stellar and Big Bang nucleosynthesis and this developed into my present interest in cosmology. I am now studying general relativity with an eye toward developing a new metric that will allow an hyperbolic black-hole gravitational field that declines as 1/kr instead of 1/r^2. The hyperbolic black-hole galactic and universe gravitational field is key to my current series of posts.




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One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Me Says:

    I love science. To me, science is truth. I pronounce it Truth. You can hear me capitalize the T. There is nothing higher than Truth.

    All men and women believe in God. If they do not believe in a personal God, they believe in a transcendent God. If in neither of these, they believe in Money, Power or Love as their God. Everyone has an overarching first principle that governs their lives, even if this principle is only “ME”.

    But “me” is “I” in the first person. “I” is the ego. So, one’s own ego may be one’s God. The personal ego is all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent and infinitely loving and merciful – just like traditional God. This is because, existentially, it is how the ego behaves. It “thinks” that it has all of these qualities. So, existentially, it does. Seeming is being. But, it is possible to be a Primary Christian Existentialist. This is a person who believes things are as they SHOULD be. One could be a Primary Hindu Existentialist. Or a Primary Muslim existentialist. Or Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan or Animist.

    I think that people whose God is their own ego are pathetic. Such people are invariably cynics and no cynic can be happy. It stirs my heart to think that so many people in this world are unhappy in this way.

    So, my advice is: Be happy! Don’t Worry!

    Then, maybe you can get a life!

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